Monday, October 6, 2008

Turning Two

Already two.

When you turned one I was just amazed I made it through the baby stage. Now you are so much more than that. You are still my little peanut. In the last year your personality has grown and changed so much.

6 months ago all you said were the words mama, papa, chi-chi, baby and wow wow. Now you are speaking well over 30 words and speak mostly in Spanish. You repeat everything your papa tells you, and just yesterday finally called your teddy bear oso. You cling to your papa every chance you get to be around him, and love to show off all that you can do. He taught you uno,dos,tres last week and you have been saying it ever since to perfect it.

You used to be so timid and shy, you would cling to me or cry in any new situation or environment. You have grown enough to be able to explore new things slowly on your own, as long as I don't stray to far.

You are still such a sweetheart, and love to cuddle on the couch and watch soccer with your papa, yelling 'goal!' everytime you see papa get excited. You would still rather cuddle with me for a bit before going to bed, and that's ok, I will always love it. Playing with your big ball, your tiny tool bench show me how much of a boy you are. But you also love to follow me around the house and vacuum right along with me, and love to help me cook. You have become so eager and helpful around the house too.

My big belly is a wonderful pillow for you. You love to lay on my lap and listen to the baby and say 'thumpa thumpa thump'. You get excited when I say were are going to visit the baby's doctor. You carry around your teddy bear so sweetly, and will shush it as you pat it on the back.

You manipulate me with your tiny kisses, and I can't help but fall for them. How could I resist giving you some more juice when you are gazing up at me with those big brown eyes and puckering up?

You have been the center of my world, every day making me strive to be a better person, a better mother to you. Soon enough you will be a big brother, and will have to learn to share my lap with another wee one. I promise you will still always be my special little boy, 'mi gatito'.


racrobin said...

Aww, that is so sweet.... I can't wait to get to know him!

Beth said...

Yeah, I am way too hormonal and started tearing up as I was thinking about how much he has changed in the last year, and how he is my little boy now and not my little baby.

Teapot said...

Thanks for sharing!

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