Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby Days

It is hard to believe that Adriano was already born one month ago. He is still so tiny, but at 9+ lbs already, he is getting so big to me. I can already start to see how his pesonality is different from his brother, even though he is just a babe. He is a such fierce eater, getting a good nursing session done in 15 minutes, easy. He is getting so strong, and held up his head off my chest for at least a minute todaywhile Cristian eargerly repeated Hi! and tried poking his eyes to show me he was awake.

Adriano survived his first Cristian 'attack' yesterday, Cristian spent the entire day poking and hugging and smothering the poor boys and scratched his face a wee bit. I think I am more relaxed and easy going with #2, I just try to go with it,and not worry about the small things becasue then all I would do is worry.

This is Adriano sleeping in the swing next to me right now..


jennbenn said...

Hi Beth! Thank you for visiting my blog.. Your baby is so precious and sweet!
SCB will be a lot of fun!

CBear said...

I love babies! Cute cute cute!

susan said...

oh gosh, he looks too adorable
and surprisingly, like cristian.
dont you think? at least in this pic

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