Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Here are some of the gifts I have made for friends who have already received and opened their gifts.

I made these burp clothes, a little softie to go with, and the blankets with the pretty stitching as well as some nursing pads for my pregnant friends. (Thanks Susan for the help/idea for the softie!)

I made this apron using the Emmeline pattern, and used the gorgeous
'apples+pears' fabric by Alexander Henry.
And here are the little matching aprons for her 6 year old and 2 year old daughters.

Some crayon rolls. They were so fun to make, and I know so many toddlers, I had to make up a bunch!
I made colored pencil rolls for my 2 friends who have older daughters as well.

Here is a better picture of the Apron I made for my Sister. It is using the Emmeline pattern also, but the fabric is 'ready for action' by Alexander Henry. Yes, those are half naked firemen
on the apron.


Natasha said...

Wow you have been busy! Great gifts.

Lory said...

The apron with the red bow tie in the fron is sooo cute!!! All those gifts are adorable, I bet they lvoed them. When a gift is made by someone it makes it that much more special. So I'm sure they're keeping them close to their hearts.


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I totally agree with Lory's comment!
So cute, you are talented!! I love the kids homemade gifts and can't wait for them to open them..also excited to open mine:)
Your sister's apron is great and I love the matching mother/ should add some to Etsy after the holiday sewing is done(and after you recover from the holiday sewing:)

Nicki Parker said...

I really like that fireman fabric! I've had my eye on it for a while but haven't thought of something to make with apron sounds perfect...and I know just who to make it for, too....

Three Wonderful Kids! said...

I love the matching aprons! You are really talented. You can sew just about anything.

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