Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Saying I had a wonderful weekend with my family wouldn't be nearly enough to sum it up. I only really have my SIL in town with me, the rest of my family lives in other cities. It makes me appreciate them so much more though, and I just feel giddy and excited when I do see them.

(Not that I don't love my SIL Amanda, she is such a sweet,crafty mama.)

My Sister, Aunt and SIL all got together to do a bit of a Christmas exchange, hang out, and bake up some Christmas cookies. I hope we will be able to do this every year, it was so much fun to do something together for the holidays. Of course, wonderful gifts were given to me, but that wasn't nearly as nice as seeing my wonderful Aunt holding my chiquitin while Cristian tore through the baby's gifts. Or seeing my nephew and son running crazy around the house having such a blast. Or all the lovely cookies we made up while chatting, and having my son help. (with auntie Rachels patient help!) Or the face on my sister when she opened her apron I made her,

sorry for the red eyed, fuzzy, very blurry picture. Papa took this picture, and well he sucks at photography. Rachel, if you get a picture of the apron could you send it to me?

and here are the very hot oven mitts to go with the apron. Mmm,hmm.

I made a little 'letters to Santa' bag for my nephew.
Partially inspired from here. but didn't cost me $80+ even with the time it took to hand embroidery all the lettering.

A little tea wallet I made for my SIL to tote along in her purse so she doesn't have crumpled tea bags.

A knitting needle case for my SIL, so she doesn't jab herself with a sharp hook while searching for her needles in the bottom of her purse. I am obsessed with wraps lately, I just love the idea of wrapping something up to tote it around. That and thank you cards or any note cards. I am starting to have a nice stack of those, which is fine by me.

I will post more pictures of our cookie baking, and a few recipes (truffles! chocolate raviolis!) later on when I have more time. For now I need to get sewing. I only have 4 more Christmas gifts to sew! (out of my list of 26 handmade gifts! whoo-hoo!)
you can check out some more pictures on my flickr.


Natasha said...

Great gifts - love the apron and oven mitts!

Nicole said...

I love the Santa Mail bag, that is such a great idea!

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