Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Wrap up

Ah, Christmas went too fast this year. I was anticipating Christmas Day for weeks before, all giddy to give gifts and spend time with my family. When Christmas Eve came, it seemed so rushed, and I didn't have nearly enough time to spend with each family member. 3 hours or so with my SIL,nephew and Aunt, then about 3 hours at our Compadre's house for their annual Christmas Eve-stay up til midnight party. We made it until about 12:30 and went home...

I did get to learn to make tamales with my Comadre, we made up 5 different varieties, green pork, red pork, red chicken, spicy chili and cheese, and sweet strawberry. We spent about 2 hours just wrapping the tamales, about 70 or so. The next day we only took home a plate of maybe 10, the rest were all eaten the night before. (hence no photo)

My and the kiddos received some very lovely thoughtful gifts. The kiddos got clothes, good books, an awesome doctors kit, and some softie toys for Chiquitin. My SIL Amanda knit an amazing 6 foot or so long snake,

I received a cute pink knit washcloth and some lovely handmade soaps from her as well. Coffee, lavender, vanilla, lemon and some unscented that the boys dry skin is doing amazingly well with. Amanda- you need to get going on opening up that Etsy shop!My Aunt made this lovely tree skirt, and gave it to me. Can you believe it? It has very cute wonky Christmas log cabins on the sides. I just love it. She also gave me some sewing stuff, and some very cute napkins and quilted trivets for my kitchen. Other random lovely gifts I got- Some soft fuzzy socks that Papi snatched up a pair of, The Softie Kit , some very warm gloves, holiday chocolates, and some organic shampoo and condition that I can start spoiling myself with.
I will put up some pictures soon any of the handmade gifts I've made that I havent already blogged about.


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I agree, your sil(I think that is who it was??) should open an Etsy store!

Lory said...

The gifts are adorable. I'm glad you had a good holiday. I wish you a happy upcoming new year. :):):)


Amanda said...

Im glad you liked everything! Adriano's is still a work in progress but getting there. Milo has more teeth coming in! Ugh.
Oh and if you have anyone who would want some test soap I'd be more than happy to give it up, theres so much and I know I wont be selling any of it because they were all test batches and choppy (looking)

Firefly said...

Yummy tamales... I'm coming to your house so you can show me how to make some too!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, we did.


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