Friday, January 30, 2009

A crafty day...

So I didn't want to write my research paper that was do for school. I had swap packages to put finishing touches on, and a custom birthday gifts to finish sewing up. Instead

Cristian broke out his bucket of blocks. And we had hot cocoa.

And I gave him a pile of popsicles sticks and a bottle of glue. He had fun with them, for about the 60 seconds it lasted. He just piled them on top of each other and dipped them in glue. He was really absorbed into doing crafts all day. Can you see the put off craft projects above his right shoulder? And his little chocolate mustache?

After his non existent nap I let him paint his creation with watercolors. He had just as much fun painting the sticks as the paint container. He kept showing me how the water colors looked through the window part of the paint container. I put freezer paper down on the table and it really helped control all of the water from the paint.

Does anybody have any fun craft items they give their kiddos to play with? I am looking for more ideas... I am thinking I need to put together a basket of fun crafty items he can dig through to use

Also Cristian really wanted to help me sew today. He kept handing me straight pins as I was hand sewing. Does anybody know of any kid friendly sewing kits? Or maybe lacing cards would work? I am not really sure what would be appropriate...

Here are a couple of great kids crafts sites or blogs I have stumbled across recently.

Preschool Daze , The Artful Parent, and Makes and Takes


julie & joe said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. Thanks for the links to other crafty sites.

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Fun day!
Lacing cards are a huge hit here! Also on the top of the list for the two year olds are water color paints, stamps(I prefer the crayola stamps for them...they prefer regular stamps when R has them out), foam shapes to glue on things, Hullabaloo game(not a craft, just fun:). They also like glueing egg shells and cottom balls down on things. We've tried stringing pasta and coloring it with markers. My next project is glueing pasta on something...not sure what that thing is yet.

Natasha said...

Amelie likes lacing cards but would rather use a needle or my pins! I am also trying to work out what project I can set her with these things!

London Mummy said...

You've probably done it already, but modelling clay always went down very well here :)

Anonymous said...

He's probably too little for lacing cards, but how about chunky lacing beads?
Fingerpaint, which I am sure you do.
I second the rubber stamps. Just get the washable ink.
Those Dots ink things that the Bingo ladies use.

Josie said...

surely you have done homemade playdough right? Even my hubby loves to make a volcano and make it exploe wit baking soda and vinager!

susan said...

brother see, a great thing is just to cut up cereal boxes and draw a picture on them, like say a rainbow...something simple
let them glue the noodles on and then you can paint them after
great framed!
beth do you ever get family fun mag? i used to get it and it has lots of ideas
oh...what about coloring coffee filters with watercolors and then you can make clothespin butterflies with them (just squoosh the middle down and put it in the clippy part...which you can draw a face on with a marker

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