Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Well first off, this is newly listed this morning! After many inquiries for the ones I made as birthday gifts, I finally have one listed in my shop! I am also able to make this with your child's name embroidered on the front, you can see a custom memory game I made on my flickr. just email me- weepereas (at) yahoo (dot) com.
So this is what I am working on. 6 more crayon booklets to list in my Etsy. I am actually a bit farther than this, I have several just needed to be top stitched.

I also have a new pattern for a very girly apron. I have 6 cut out, in sizes 2T-4t and in sizes 4T-6T. I will be working on getting some baby shoes listed in my shop this week, and aprons up next week.

Oh, and check out here to win a $20 gift certicicate to this lovely japanese fabric shop.
Need new fabric? I was pointed to this site which has some beauties for a bargain!


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I LOVE the Memory cute! What a great idea!

We also LOVE, LOVE our crayon booklets...I just packed them for the plane ride:) Dh, who obviously wasn't paying close attention on Christmas, said how he thought they were great and is excited for the kids to use them! He said they will be entertained for quite a while with them! R can't wait to pull out her colored pencils...I had to stash them deep in the bag!

Can't wait to see the new aprons. Kg didn't get one for Christmas so I think the Easter bunny may have to deliver one! Are you making any boy patterns this spring, just curious?

susan said...

such pretties you are making, too bad i dont color anymore, eh?? i love that memory game. so you are beating amanda panda??

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