Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Stash #4

This is some sweet japanese fabric I got a little while back when alittlegoodness was closing. It has little blue and green converse shoes all over it, so I wanted to make some baby shoes(of course) with it. I still havent cut into it yet.

I dont know what it is about warm weather that just makes me want to purge. It hit the 80's last week, and I found myself scrubbing out my bathroom. After cleaning the enire house. I wet to Joanns today and spent $1.49. I didnt buy anything extra, but I actually didn't buy everything on my list. I have so many hoarded fabrics, it feels like such a waste to not be sewing with them. Dont get me wrong, it is nice to have a nice stash, but it is also nice to have room to add to you stash! I have so many ideas floating around I just need to make things! Is this just me? Am I crazy for wanting to destash in the worst possible way?


Lory said...

Don't stress out though. I think a good idea you can try is to keep a notebook with a page for each idea. Give a page to the idea that way you can work out any details out on paper. Look at your fabrics, see which one could go with your idea.

If you decide to reduce your stash to make room for more, let me know. :)


susan said...

oh! youre not going to make me promise not to buy new fabric with you are you??? its my favorite hobby (besides actually using it!!)
i think you should just try to use at least some of your stash when you make something
plus it will be one less thing we can do together (checking out quilt shops)

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