Friday, July 3, 2009

Shop Update!

I have added lots of new items to my shop in the last few days!-

1. Burp Cloth, First Numbers (on sale for $8!)
2. Burp Cloth, Robots (on sale for $14!)
3. Crayon Booklet, Trees and Birdies (on sale for $10.50!)
4. Burp Cloth, Green Hippos (on sale for $12!)
5. Crayon Booklet, Forest Fun (on sale for $10.50!)
6. Baby Blanket, Red Hippos (on sale for $20!)
7. Mini Quilt, First Sight (on sale for $15!)
8. Burp Cloth, Trucks and Trains (on sale for $6!)
9. Crayon Booklet, Malibu Monkeys (on sale for $10.50!)
10. Baby Blanket, Little Scouts (on sale for $20! - includes a matching lovie!)
11. Crayon Booklet, Kleo (on sale for $10.50!)
12. Burp Cloth, Elephants (sold this morning!!!)
13. Burp Cloths, Kleo and Bangle Dot (on sale for $8!)

I have also listed EVERYTHING on SALE!

Baby Shoes are marked down from $13 or $6 or $10!
Crayon Booklets are marked down from $12.50 to $10.50 or $6.00!
Baby Blankets are marked down from $28 to $20!
Washcloths are marked down from $9 to $6 or $4.50!
Burp Cloths are marked down form $15 or $10 to $12 or $6!

Sale will run the entire fourth of July weekend, from Today- Friday until Sunday. I will be shipping out items the same day! Please go check it out- it all goes towards my upcoming wedding!

1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

Aww, how cute. My kids are all grown but I sure know where to go for some fabulous baby gifts !

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