Friday, July 10, 2009


Cristian got the chicken pox a few weeks ago. Or at least, that is what I was told. The nurse on the phone told me it sounded like pox, but because it is so contagious, we couldn't go in to see the doctor. Well after having outbreaks for about 2 weeks, he has been fine. It actually wasn't really that bad, he didn't scratch, or he knew better than to scratch them. Besides having these little pimples on his skin he was a perfectly fine, active toddler. It has been over a week now since he has had any outbreaks, but I was told he was still contagious for the next 21 days. Not being able to leave the house is probably why I have gotten so much sewing done! ( Although- my sewing stuff and where I sew is in the front of my house, where Cristian cannot get to. So I have seen no danger to anything I have been sending out in the mail- do not worry. I wouldn't endanger anyone's children!..)

So on Wednesday I put the baby down for his morning nap, he had been burning up all night long and very irritable. Cristian fell asleep watching The Flintstones..which is very unusual since he doesn't nap anymore, especially in the morning. When I noticed he was sleeping I said "Kiki, wake up" He barely opened his eyes and kept telling me 'no I sleeping' . It was quite cute and reminded me of a teen..

Then he threw up all over the couch, and everything in his path to the bathroom... I took his and baby Chiquitin's temperature- both 103. Luckily Chiquitin didn't start throwing up, but Cristian couldn't keep anything down all day. He was throwing up so forcefully his little tiny body was shaking and his soup was coming out from his nose.My poor little guy. :(

I called my Comadre, who was over within the hour from when Cristian started getting sick. She was able to get him to eat/drink something. (all of which came right back up after she left) Both of them were fien all day yesterday, just a little sluggish. it must have been some kind of 24 hour bug..
We have been talking about moving out to Denver, pretty much made up our minds really...It is so sad for me to think about moving away from the people that we are so close with, to try and have to start over. We don't have many people who we are close with, and it is still very strange for me to have people in my children's life who are there for them simply because they care about them so greatly. That they want to spend time with them because they love them so much. So that's where I am at, deciding on starting over, having a fresh start but having to leave some people behind that can never be replaced in our lives. And not being able to visit them nearly enough as my heart would ache to.(This is the most delicious enchiladas de mole that my Comadre brought over for me to eat. I had forgotten what an amazing cook she is. This dish seriously just warmed me inside out- like some amazing kind of comfort food. mmm. So thoughtful and like her, to not only come over to help me with the children, but to make sure I am taken care of as well)


racrobin said...

But you do have people you're close to here!! And wouldn't it be better to start over when the guys are still little!!

Beth said...

Good luck with your decision...I have friends who moved to Denver 2 years ago and they like it so much (but we miss them so much)!!

Hope the wee ones are all better!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Poor little ones:( Glad it passed quickly!

Sounds like you guys put a lot of thought into your decision. What a pretty area to move to!

Lory said...

That's a lot on your plate! Gosh, I remember when I had chicken pox. I was 13. I did scratch so to this day I still have some scars, but they've gotten little (thank goodness)

It's always scary to move somewhere new. To leave loved ones behind, and you wind up feeling so homesick. I know, I've been there. But be positive and embrace it, it can turn out to be an awesome adventure.


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