Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Boots!

I threw in the towel on trying to make up my own baby boots pattern once I came across this one from ithinksewdotcom. Love the fun, funky style and just love the button details. My friend Sarah asked me if I was going to be making boots for the colder months ahead, I haven't stopped obsessing about making them since last week.I picked up some fabrics from Joanns this weekend. Some plaids, shirtings, home decor weight fabric and some twill.
Picked up some new 100% wool from thrifting this weekend. Each of these still had the store tags on them! The top is a camel brown, charcoal grey in the middle, and heather grey with stripes on the bottom. These will make great outers for baby boots.

And here is my first try with the pattern. Still a little wonky (and wrinkly). I think if I use some softer fabric (at least for lining) it will help with the construction, and how the lining lays inside the boot. I am going to make a few more pairs to get more comfortable with the pattern before I start sewing them for my shop.

1 comment:

susan said...

oh! that felt looks so yummy
is it just wool or is it part of clothes? you lucked out
the boots are super cute, and i agree they will look even better once you have soft furry fabric

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