Monday, September 14, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

It is monday, and it is time to announce the giveaway winners! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my blog and left lovely comments. It was so nice to visit some new blogs!Giveaway Item #1- Baby Blanket, Noah's Ark goes to-
Erin, who said
"aside from that adorable noahs ark blanket ... my favorite item in your shop are those DARLING baby boots. I hadn't seen those before! will definitely be getting some for my little guy for this winter! thanks for the chance to win!"
Giveawat Item #2, Sensory Baby Blocks goes to-
"I am loving the burp cloths! I have a baby that is quite a spitter so I love fun burp cloths! I am now a follower too!"
Giveaway Items #3- Lovie blanket, Green Hippos
goes to
Maroesja, who said
"I love the crayon booklets, what a great idea!"
Giveaway Items #4 & 5 goes to:
Beth, who said:
"Woo hoo! Hoping for the goody bag as I no longer have a baby!"
and to
MeganZ, who said
"Hi! Just found your blog and store from flickr! I'd love to enter for the two giveaway bags... And adding myself as a follower now! congrats on the 100 sales!"

Thank you to all who entered! It was a lot of fun, I will plan another giveaway in the near future!
(If you won one of the items, please send me your addy- weepereas at yahoo dot com so I can drop it in the mail)
We will be spending some time with family this week, a nice (much needed) little vacation. I will blog some pictures if I can make myself rejoin reality ^_^
Otherwise, have a nice week!

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Beth said...

WOO HOO! I'm so excited!

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