Saturday, October 3, 2009

I love a good sequel!

I love books, and I love reading. and I love a story that continues..
I started reading consistently after baby Chiqutin was born, Twilight was what got me hooked.
(I would be up reading still at 2am...)
Well, I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series a few days ago, and just started the second book. It was weird to get used to a 'southern vampire', and I keep noticing similarities to Twilight (woman unconfident about her looks, mind reader, ..c'mon?).
We don't have HBO, but now I am really eager to see the True Blood show! I think I am going to have to rent it.. Anyone else a fan?


Katie B. said...

I'm a BIG fan of the show! I've never read the book so I can't compare, but you should definitely rent it.

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I am a fan of the show too! I haven't read any of the books yet, I have thought about reading them though.

Rene Louise said...

Same here, love the show but I've never read the books. I bet there good though. I really enjoy reading books that build a momentum of suspense then maintain it.

Ark's Endeavors said...

I just think it's hilarious that twilight and true blood are so similar but a lot of the fans that watch true blood hate twilight and vise versa...silly. I like them both. I do think the true blood show is a little corny though but it works.

ohsoswt79 said...

I'm a HUGE fan! I started watching the show in the second season (didn't have HBO either, but then I met my fiance who does...SCORE!). Like you, I love books so when I heard the series is based of a set of books, I quickly started my search for them. I heard about the books the day before we left for a cruise and the first book was available in the gift store on the boat. I finished the book in about 2-3 days. I'm on book 4 now and like it a hellava lot better than the Twilight series. I only managed to finished the second book (New Moon?). I was so sick of reading about a love sick teen who was taughting death just to hear her ex's voice. Gimme a break! I'm so glad I'm through with that stage of life.

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