Monday, October 19, 2009

Reusable Bags

A Few of my favorite snack bags I have made up.
I made up a ton more last week, trying to get a little bit of a selection in my Etsy.

Some Reusable snack/lunch bag tutorial links :
We Wilsons Reusable snack bag tutorial
Pretty Penny Reusable Lunch Bag tutorial
Betz White's Reusable Sandwhich Wrap tutorial
And here is a great tute, with no exposed seams. Similiar to how I am making mine.
Another great tute by Life with Nature Girl.
I also just picked up a pattern to make an insulated lunch bag, I will have to try it out soon..

*Does anybody have any experience with creating pdf files?
I have been working on a baby shoe tutorial, and I have all the pictures and text,
but I do not know how to make it into a pdf.
I have tried Adobe, but it tells me it is unable to load .pdf files..*


...and baby makes five! said...


The absolute BEST way to make pdf files (and by far the easiest) is to download CuteWriter at I know... dumb name... but great program.

Once it is downloaded, all you have to do is "print" your item that you want to change to pdf and choose the CuteWriter "printer" and it will prompt you from there to save your pdf file where ever you want.

I am sure that my explanation is quite lacking, but I exclusively use CuteWriter and have been so happy with the outcome for ALL of my pdf needs! :)

Kris said...

If you have a Mac, it's already built into the print functions, just let me know and I'll talk you through it!

Anonymous said...

My copy of Adobe has a plug in so I can print a word doc into a PDF but that CuteWriter program sounds great and easy.

Beth said...

Sounds like you've got it covered in the comments....but....if you are on a PC (Macs do have it built in) and don't want to download you can send me the file and I will convert it for you!

Liberty said...

I LOVE making reusable bags! So fun! I have never made a tutorial before... good luck!

Cascade Lily said...

If cutewriter doesn't work is easy to install and use.

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