Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thrifting Fun..

Last night I went out to Salvation Army with my SIL,Amanda for the Saturday night fever sale. The color of the week tag is just 49 cents Saturday night. I was hoping to score some nice wool pants. I found a few sweaters and other clothing with recycled wool on the label, some that said REC wool (blends though)- not sure if that means recycled or not. This is Me and Amanda hunting for some wool sweaters for her to upcycle into hats. She scored a few awesome dresses, and tried them on right there in the aisle. (Over her clothes of course!) There was an old woman behind us who kept giving of the evil eye because of that...
Here is what I scored- some salmon-y pink linen, a buttery yellow linen, grey linen, a bright teal blue corduroy and some awesome brown wool plaid. I almost missed the wool pants, except my SIL saw them- good thing they were not her size!!
It was a good time, probably more enjoyable that it should have been but it was nice to hang out and shop without kids! Maybe next Saturday I will get some more good finds...


Beth said...

I usually wear a tank top and leggings under a dress when I thrift so I can try things on in the aisles. I get some weird looks, too!

susan said...

why wasnt i invited??
i dont have a life....i could have gone sat nite!!!
my thrift stores down her stink!

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