Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whirlwind of a weekend

What a long,wonderful weekend. The wedding was fantastic. It was amazing. I don't think I would have changed anything.
Not that everything went smoothly or there wasn't any mistakes made.
(Me and my kiddos after the ceremony)
We started walking in before the wedding march played. I couldn't get the ring on his finger. Then my aunt pointed out to me that I placed the ring on his right hand. We forget to go get the offerings for communion, and the Father had to go remind us. (because we had already sat down). But, our Father is a humorous man and made the whole ceremony go very smoothly. Leave it to him to make jokes during something that can be so serious.
Me and my amazing Aunt Susan. Sorry Mrs. Chickenfoot if you don't like this pic)
The father gave a hominy about love. He spoke about how love comes from the mind, and not the heart. How even after that pitter patter your heart does when you see your significant other goes away, you will still have to make love work. How love isn't only about being romantic, but as a completion of each other. Since we married after being together for 5 years, I don't think he could have given any better advice.

My Awesome sister Rachel and I after the ceremony. Not a great picture of either of us, but I didn't get a single picture on my camera this weekend, so I am having to use the pictures others have posted already.

The Father also talked about how we made it this far, how we have been together this long but how we will need to rely on the strength of others to help us through the hard times. I am forever grateful for everyone who played a part in this wedding, who made it happen and who have been there for me, and for my family.
I am especially honored and thankful to have a relationship with the members of my church, who have made us understand this commitment, and who let us know that we do not walk alone.

My sweetie and I. My husband.
El amor de mi vida. Mi viejo.
(now that I finally feel part of reality again, I will post some more pictures as I get them, and finally get around to sharing what I have been up to non-wedding related.)


CraftGirlAlli said...

congrats! I can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful. I love your hair too. You looked so great. Congrats a million!

Beth said...


Anonymous said...

congrats! so happy for you! you were such a pretty bride!

I don't feel so much that marriage is 'work' but that it is about sharing, listening, and compromising, which perhaps to some may feel like 'work' but when you someone with all your heart and soul it shouldn't feel like 'work' ;)

Beth said...

Beth, you are right about all that. While I do not feel that marriage is 'work' as something that is dreadful and unpleasant to do, marriage does take 'work' in the sense that you have to put a great deal of effort into making things go smoothly. :)

Leah said...

Congratulations, Beth! So excited that the wedding went well, and that you posted pictures. May God richly bless you and your family.

susan said...

i am so happy for you and so happy all the prep work is over! its nice to get back to normal life
i am also glad that i was able to get some decent pix for you, wish i could have had a better one of you and rach. hopefully the photographer did. smooches sweetie, mrs. perea!!!

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