Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bot Camp Quilt- finished!!

I got my Bot Camp quilt back from the quilters!

I actually got it back a week and a half ago, but the weather has been so cloudy it was hard to get a picture.

I was so giddy to get this back, I sewed the binding on right away, and had it done the next night.

Back view of the quilt.

( I still need to add a label, but that is hard to do when someone is sleeping on it..)

I love Michael Millers neighborhood-y prints like this, and the one from Tot Town.

Quilt all folded up.

Quilt measures 38"x40"

Here is a close up of the quilting. This was my first time having something professionally quilted, and I am truly amazed at how it looks, and how it highlights the quilt.

It is quilted with a variegated thread, and it works so well with the quilt.

The quilter even trimmed and topstitched the top for me :)

Chiqutin and his quilt.
When I layed out the quilt top on the floor,
he crawled all over it, then looked up at me, and came over and wrapped his arms around me neck and squeezed.
so cute. It was if he was telling me 'thanks mom! I really like it!'

Perfect size to nap on.

1 comment:

Katie B. said...

This looks great! I just finished up a quilt top using David Walker's robot prints for my 2-year-old.

I love the picture of your little guy sleeping on the quilt.

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