Monday, October 26, 2009


Flurries, like the butterfly feeling you have in your stomach.
Well that's how my head has felt lately..
I have a bunch of ideas that I keep bouncing around, and it has been overwhelming and very unproductive trying to get projects done.
In an attempt to clear my head, finish some wips, and get my etsy stocked up, I am going to step back from the computer for the next few days or so..
This is one of the projects that I have been working on and have been so excited about. I am making an improved version of the memory game that I made a few of last Christmas. I will be making an alphabet and an i spy version of the memory game, with a lined drawstring bag for storage. It is kinda ridiculous how giddy I am to be finally getting this idea out of my head...
I received a wonderful array of fabrics from A bit of this and a bit of that's giveaway. I swear I have some kind of giveaway karma, because I have seemed to won a giveaway after having my own giveaway.. The fabrics are mostly blends, and super silky. I was thinking they would be nice for drawstring bags, and ideas?
Finally made Adriano some new booties. They are lined with super soft fleece, and are oh so cuddly. They are also my practice pair for 12-18 month size booties for my shop.
I needed the larger size for the reversible baby shoe pdf that I am working on! (check back in a week or so!!)

I needed a break from drawstring bags and tiny memory game squares, so I made up this little RAR! dinosaur embroidery for Cristian's room. We watched Transformer's when it came to video on Tuesday, and I couldn't sit still the whole movie without doing some hand sewing ^_^
I also realized how much more I love these wooden hoops than the plastic Clover hoop I have been using for so long..
I picked up some craft books, because well my sewing book stash is obsolete, and I am hoping to get inspired for some Christmas gifts.
Both of these have some great patterns and projects. I plan to (finally) make Christmas stockings for my family this year.
I made up some little trick-or-treat totes for the kids to use this Saturday. I love the wee mummy on this fabric!
I started to make some simple cards to include with my etsy orders. I had some blank cards and envelopes leftover from wedding thank you's (which I just got the pictures from and are sending out this week!). I picked up a scrapbook paper pack, and a thank you stamp, and just added a little button.
I made up another Emmeline Apron for my sister to give as a gift. It was nice to use this pretty pattern again, I haven't made one since Christmas gifts last year. Maybe I can finally make one for myself :)


Beth said...

I love wood hoops, too and I love your dinosaur! RAR!

Heather said...

I totally understand the "flurry" of thoughts-there isn't enough time in the day to get them all out!

Anonymous said...

I love the little RAR! I haven't done any embroidery yet but that would look great on a shirt too!

Angela Gravan Sanchez said...


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