Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Handmade birthday gifts.

Well, it wouldn't be a special day without tamales. I spent Saturday morning (we celebrated both birthdays on Saturday) making close to 200 tamales. Kiki enjoyed smacking the spoon down to get the masa on the corn. (he is making tamales dulce, or sweet strawberry tamales. hence the bright red masa dough)
about 1/4 of the tamales that I made up.
I made pollo roja (red chicken),
polla verde (green chicken),
chile con queso (chile with cheese and tomato),
and dulce (sweet strawberry)

I made up two little robot softies.
I based it off of this tutorial by GoodyGoody.
I made it bigger, and added legs.
Body- 6x6. Pocket 6x6. Head 3.75x4. Arms 2x3. Legs 2x8.
The front belly has a little pocket so you can use it for a tooth, or whatever my kiddos will choose to stuff in there..
I made a blanket with the Bob the Builder fabric I picked up.
The blanket is big, 45x50 or so.
I used cotton batting and backed it with flannel, so it is super warm.
Kiki likes to snuggle with it while watching a Bob the builder movie and playing with his Bob the builder Lego set he got for his birthday.
A Happy Birthday Banner.
This is a bad picture, but the bunting is 3 feet long, and it is hard to get a picture of something that big.
I actually started to work on this the night before their birthday. This was my first time doing applique, or using craft fuse, and I cut out all the letters and ironed them to the craft fuse, only for it to be backwards.
Lesson learned- don't wait until the last minute and iron to the wrong side of your picture or words!
I followed this tutorial, because I liked the scallop flags rather than the triangles flags that are so popular.
They also got lots of much needed bigger clothes, some books, a Handy Manny toy which Kiki loves, a wooden train, a semi truck that launches cars, and a piano/ ball and hammer toy. All of which they still are not bored with yet!


CraftGirlAlli said...

If you lived closer, I'd hire you for my birthday parties! lol

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Adorable banner, you should add thos to your etsy site!

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