Friday, October 9, 2009


1 today.

I would have thought this would be easier, since Cristian has already had a first birthday.

But its not.

Somehow this means your not my little baby anymore.

not that you were ever very little..

You are such a self motivated little guy.
you started cruising the furniture this week.
(you started Cristian was dragging a toy on the couch away from you)

you realized the funess in flushing the toilet.
You are a hugger, a cuddler. Always have been. Most of the time when I pick you up, you squeeze your little arms around my neck, and nuzzle into me.
It's the sweetest thing in the world.
You are amazed by your big brother, he makes you laugh and giggle in ways that I never have been able to.

You have made me a better mom, and nothing wouldnt be the same without you.

Happy first birthday my Chiquitin, Adriano.


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy!! He looks so much like you Beth, what a little cutie!

Liberty said...

Geez, I'm crying over your blogpost! My littlest guy just turned one at the end of last month. I know that you are a fabulous mother!!

I left you a surprise on my blog!! Come over and get it!

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