Thursday, October 15, 2009


We went to a local pumpkin farm last week with playgroup.
This is the same pumpkin farm I always went to as a child and I remember the displays being so fun and cool, and the haunted bus scared me to death. There was always something at the end of the bus that was 'dead' and jumped out at you, and I always would run out screaming :)Cristian checking out the Sesame Street pumpkin display. I loved the little pumpkin Elmo.
Picking out a pumpkin. He was saying 'ugh, really really heavy!' in his grunty voice that he does.
We carved the pumpkin last weekend.
Somehow as a kid I remember this taking much more time to do.
and lots more 'pumpkin guts' to dig through to get the pumpkin seeds out..

Cristian and the jack-o-lantern. I ended up making the eyes bigger, so more light would shine through.
He thought it was really fun, and kept telling me what I was carving out -' look he got it the ojos!' (eyes)
and 'oh the cupcake got a face!
As many times as I have tried to correct him, he still calls pumpkin 'cupcake'. :)


racrobin said...

I have to say, that is one of my favorite memories of growing up. So glad you got to take them there!!

CraftGirlAlli said...

how fun! going to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite things about fall!

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