Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet linen..

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My SIL Amanda is just so sweet, she destash this big bag of linen (and a bit of corduroy) to me.The top linen is actually a greyish blue, and so gorgeous. There is also some plum, a buttery yellow, black, and some robin eggs blue.
And do you see that wee bit of cord sticking out on the bottom left?
Yes, that would be aqua corduroy. *oh, swoon*
Now what to do with all this gorgeus linen? Well, I just bought a pattern to make myself some mary janes. :)


racrobin said...

Those shoes are too adorable!

Anonymous said...

Where do we get the pattern for the Maryjanes? It is adult size isn't it? I LOVE them.

susan said...

oh those are super sweet
you know we are going to be expecting our own now dont you????

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