Thursday, January 7, 2010

DQS8 inspiration

I just made up my inspiration mosaic for DQS8! It was hard for me to figure out which ones to include, and which to just leave in my fav's..
So, some of my favorite things right now:
::Grey or natural linen with orange/gold/yellow, grassy green, teal/turquoise (especially with red!)
::birdies, applique, embroidery, circles, hexagons, bright colors.
And it is probably good to mention a few things I don't really like..
purple. Really girly pinks, (like the far far away line), dark, drab colors, civil war prints, 30/40 repros- just not a big fan.., batiks, lots of embellishments like beading, etc.
Excited about this round, especially since I didn't sign up until last minute and got in just as sign up's were suppose to be closing!
Even better? My aunt, my sister and I are all in- yeah ^_^


highwaycottage said...

I got inot DQS8 at the last minute too. Exciting, this will be my first time, though I've done some other mini quilt swaps before.

I'll have to get a move on and work out some favourites.

susan said...

this is going to be such a fun round
and im excited you and rachel are both in too
did you get your partner?

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