Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a few goodies..

A couple of little gifties that I sent out, and forgot to post about.A zippered pouch, along with some fq's and notions. This was for Jennifer, for posting the most to the Craft Room Destash Group.
I sent out some baby shoes to Joree. (blogged here) After I saw her post about expecting her second, I knew how great it is to have special little somethings when you having a second.. Now I really hope that she does have a little girl!
Ohh, check out this amazing giveaway over on BlueberryMoon for some Pop Garden fabric, so sweet!


giddygoat said...

I gotta learn zippered pouches!! Too cool!

Cristin said...

LOVE those little shoes!!! I need to make a pair for my little one... hmmm what non-girly fabrics do I own? Will have to look into it for sure!

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