Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Etsy Favorites

1. Trick Sun Hat 12-24 Months by worthygoods
2. HEDGEHOG POLKADOT PINCUSHION by strawberriesandcream
3. I'll Carry You Everywhere I go Pillow by OIive
4. Set of 3 Pear Pillows by olivesbranch
5. Growth Chart - Blue and Red by aewilder
6. Nursery Art Print For Girl or Boy (Dream Big in Green) by barkingbirdart
7. Elephant Pillow - Handmade Wool Felt by greenjunky
8. Bayleaf wool toy by HappySleepy
9. Berry Girl Organic Pillow by berrypatchpeople
10. Fluffs - Geppy by StudioFludd

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