Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ready for Spring

I am so ready for it to be warmer outside, for it to be sunnier.Yesterday was nice, in the low 50's, and we got outside for a wee bit to play.
Neither really did much, just were happy to be outside.
Kiki liked to 'park the car' next to Big Boy. He also kept purposely getting 'stuck in the dirty' - the piles of leaves we racked up from around the yard.


Madelynnnn said...

Your boys are so cute! I am loving the fresh air and sunshine too. It makes the days so much nicer :)

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Looks like a perfect spring day:)

lovestitches said...

I LOVE summer and am sad to see it leaving us around here but oh that feeling of spring arriving and being able to get outside is wonderful. Not worth a long winter but still wonderful.

Amanda said...

Bring on more days like this!
The boys look so handsome.

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