Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shop Update.

I have marked down the crayon booklets in my shop to $14 or less, to make room for a new padded design.Crayon Booklet, Dick and Jane, Blocks
Crayon Booklet, Numbers. This is my new padded design.
I also stocked a few more baby gift sets.

Reversible Baby Shoes and Bib Gift Set, Cherries. I have two in stock.
I just love these sweet little pink cherries!
Reversible Baby Shoes and Bib Baby Gift Set, Kleo.
Reversible Baby Shoes and Bib, Word Search
Reversible Baby Shoes and Bib, Black & White Modern Floral.

I am working on more mary jane styles this week, as well as a GIVEAWAY this friday ^_^

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those sets! I don't even have a baby, but these make me want one! Especially the modern floral! The quilting guild I'm in was making crayon books the other day for a fundraiser, but yours are WAYYYY cuter! (Don't tell the nice ladies of the guild I said that!)

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