Monday, March 29, 2010

weeklong sewing.

I worked on a few small projects last week, that's it.
This basket was a long work in progress.
Gratifying though, since I could just embroider one train
and feel like I accomplished something.
For the whole day.
Inspired by the book 'Tren de Carga' {Freight Train} by Donald Crews.
Such a simple book.( we only own it in Spanish.)
un furgon de tender negro y una locomotora negra.
{a black steam engine, and a black coal tender}
Vagon de ganado verde, vagon de gondola azul, vagon morado
{green cattle car, blue gondola car, purple box car}
atras el furgon de cola rojo, sigue un vagon de tanque anaranjado, vagon de tolva amarillo
{red caboose at the back, orange tank car next, yellow hopper car} se fue. {gone}
The train pieces are appliqued on, and the details/outlines are embroidered. The letter are stamped with fabric ink.
The basket is made with linen, and lined with a cotton plaid.
I had this idea for a mini quilt, but I figured the basket would be useful for storing all of Kiki's train engines.

I made up a new bag, from the buttercup pattern.

I used some leftover charcoal wool I had from making hubby a scarf for Christmas.

I needed something small and appropriate for my outfit on Saturday, and I love that the buttercup bag is something you can whip up in an hour.

A wee pincushion. Measured 3x5.
Perfect size for my tiny little applique pins. I stored them in the tiny plastic box they came in, and I cant even tell you how man time I have dropped it. Now the pincushion looks like a little hedgehog :)
I was inspired after seeing this little square pincushion, and knew I needed a quick, satisfying project!
I updated my shop today for a huge Spring sale. I have Half Off and Free Shipping on 40 items in my shop. I need to make room for new styles!
Also, I am super excited for my weekend of giveaways later this week! pop back over really soon :)


Sarah said...

cutest bags ever!!!!!!!

Jenifer said...

OMG! That train bag is adorable! My son is a train fanatic and he loves that book too! Another wonderful project!

Beth said...

Love your train! SO cute!

Liz Noonan said...

i LOVE the train cars! ONe of my favorite books!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like your bags! I've been thinking about trying to make bags and I really like that buttercup! What kind of fabric did you use? I'm so nervous about using patterns because I'm never precise enough and I always try to "wing it" and end up with a mess because I've used the wrong fabric and didn't have all the tools and so on.

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