Saturday, April 24, 2010

a bit of sweetness..

My sewing machine broke yesterday afternoon. I had a pile of snugglers that I just needed to finish up with sewing the Velcro on. When I went into my sewing room that is how I found my machine. The plug where the foot pedal goes into broke off, and a piece of it fell into my machine.

my Superhero Chickenfoot met me late last night and is sweet enough to borrow me a back up machine until I get an estimate on mine sometime next week..
I felt as though odds were against me to finish the baby snugglers this morning. With the help of a full pot of coffee I sewed on the Velcro in time for my scheduled photo shoot.
all the tiny, precious, newborn sweetness made all the rushing and over stressing seems irrelevant.

these are just a few of my favorites from today.
I will start listing the baby snugglers in my shop on Monday.
I hope everyone has a relaxing rest of the weekend.


Leslie said...

these snugglers are cute but sorry...not nearly as cute as that sweet little model!!! that baby is precious! sorry about the machine. i would be bummed to lose mine.

lovestitches said...

What a nice aunt you have! Hope your machine isn't too expensive to fix. Those snugglers and cute as but I agree with Leslie the model is the sweetest!

susan said...

youre welcome sweetie, you know i would do anythign for you ;o)
your snugglers are adorable!

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Gorgeous! Do we have to pay extra for the baby? LOL That's the only way I'm going to get another one. Aren't newborns adorable? Speaking of adorable, what a lovely chicken you have for an aunty. :-)

Beth said...

Yes, the lovely chickenfoot is pretty amazing!!
I definately agree with you all, the adorable baby is what makes the snugglers so cute!! And he was such a great little model to photograph!

Evelyn Fields said...

I feel for you. When my machine makes a cranky clacking noise, I hold by breath & pray that it is not dying on me. I have had a few close calls & luckily friends & family have been around to lend me their machines. Good job on all the sewing & they look just precious.

Maryl said...

Everyone is right...the items are really cute but the little newborn is so perfect and sweet and just amazingly wonderful...spoken like an extremely prejudiced grandmother. So nice that everyone can enjoy him. He really is a honey.:) We are truly blessed!

LFinn said...

Oh, the snugglers (and the adorable baby in them) make me want another baby, Beth! Too precious!

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