Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wip wednesday

I have been working on making some baby snugglers since the weekend. I picked up a bolt of Kona 'bone' to use for the lining, and can finally start sewing a few together.
I will be adding some embroideries to the bottom pouch of a few of the snugglers.
This is from the book 'Woolly Embroidery' and this design is the entire reason I own the book! I had so much fun stitching it, and combining so many different embroidery stitches!
I have a few more designs in mind- a whale, a little woodland girl, little birdies, an airplane..
Any suggestions for what you think would be cute?
(Here is an example of the snugglers I am making )


Leslie said...

oh goodness that is going to be cute...and the other designs sound perfect...what about a squirrel or a mushroom maybe a gnome.

Evelyn Fields said...

Oh so cute, the snuggler will be adorable! That embroidery is beautiful! It makes me want to try some.

Beth said...


LFinn said...

The embroidery is beautiful, Beth! I love it! Great idea for adding the embroidered touch. Will you be selling these in your Etsy shop?

Beth said...

yes, Leah these snugglers will be going into my etsy shop. Probably in about another week- I still have many more embroideries to do!

susan said...

that embroidery is gorgeous beth. i wish the pic would enlarge so i can see it better!! off to see if its on flickr. cant wait to see them done and i think a whale will be adorable

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