Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little project

I made a hexagon sewing machine cover!
After I got my machine back from repairs and cleaned,
I thought this would be a nice welcome home. ^_^ I used Kona coal, and fussy cut some of my favorite fabrics for the hexagons. I made binding strips from the coal, and have those on the side to tie it on over my machine.

The front of the cover, laying flat. (see my fav little piggie?!)
The back of the cover, laying flat. I made sure to use as many sewing themed fabrics as I could squeeze in. I was inspired to make one after sewing a sewing machine cover in I Love Patchwork, but I didn't add grommets. The cover was fun and quite simple to make, and much better than the plastic one that came with it (and I never use).


Beth said...

So cute! I keep meaning to make one...and still have gotten around to it!

Amanda said...

CUTE! I want one!

Beth said...

You guys should make one! It was super simple, and you could probably make one in under an hour. It would be cute made from a vintage pillowcase too!

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