Thursday, May 20, 2010

zoo day.

We took advantage of the warm weather (first day in the 70's!) and went to the Milwaukee zoo. Kiki actually didn't want to walk very much do to his
first-of-the-summer skinned knee the got yesterday.
And then skinned it again about an hour later.
He walked around all day with a limp, like his foot was broken. It was too cute.
Kiki was all about the next exhibit too, "Come on, Mama, lets go see the monkey's!" and then it was the fish, then looking for the train station. No standing around trying to get him to listen to animal facts.
Of course both boys loved the train ride. Big boy loved looking around, and having the wind blowing in his hair. He also would say 'choo-choo' with Kiki every time the whistle blew.
It was so nice to have a family day together, and do something fun before we move.

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