Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fancy Tiger

This afternoon I visited Fancy Tiger, in downtown Denver.
Amazing shop. Absolutely the best quilt shop I have ever been too. I would have walked out with arms full of bolts of fabrics if my paycheck could afford me to. Lots of modern fabrics, an amazingly large selection of Japanese imports from Kokka and Echino
and a great variety of organic fabrics. I was so happy to see the Circa 50 collection!
The shop also had a great selection of Kona solids.
Here's what I couldn't leave without today:
A few Kokka prints - little cars, tiny bicycles, pink deers
Echino Helicopters, Organic Woodland Friends from Birch fabrics, Hunky Dory Garden Sparrows, and Red Letter Day by Lizzy House Bubble Trees
I also added a few more pictures while wandering around the shop on flickr.


Leslie said...

you practiced major restraint!!! that shop looks amazing

Arnden said...

It is always neat to see what others think of the local shops. I guess I had begun to under-appreciate the shop as I wish they had more selection and a bigger shop. It was refreshing to see the Fancy Tiger through your eyes! You are correct in being excited about such fun fabrics under one roof. Thanks for sharing! Other fun shops in Northern Colorado are Quilting Hands in Lyons or Cottage Bliss in Estes Park.

Anonymous said...

swoon, looks like an amazing my shop, my LQS is soooo not like that :(

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