Thursday, October 21, 2010


My Big boy is 2. You are so sweet and cuddly. You kiss everyone when they say they have an 'owie'. You love to squeeze and hold little stuffed animals, especially your 'osito', and will fill your tiny bed with them to sleep with. You are so chatty for two years old it is hard to believe. You are compulsive over doors being closed, not being dirty and you love to 'clean'. You can be so decisive and are not easily persuaded into doing something the other way. In fact, most of the time you throw yourself onto the floor and scoot away..
You are a good little brother. most of the time. When Kiki was sick this week and sleeping on the couch, you kissed him softly on the forehead and said 'Kiki. sleeping.' You play together so well and fight just as much. You mimic your big brother daily and play with trains just like he does.

I have to be better about calling you 'baby' and 'gordito',
since your my sweet little boy now!

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday sweet thing! Weren't you JUST born?

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