Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Studio, A Tour

Since my studio is (sort-of) clean and I reorganized and refolded my stash (my, that feels nice!) I thought I would take a few pictures of where I create everything and give you a little tour! My Studio :: when you walk in.
My computer, cork boards for taking up business cards and the like, my windowsill, and a view of my sewing table.
My Studio :: The Shelves
On the left is mostly supplies (and shop inventory) and the Right shelf is my fabric stash.

My Studio :: The Stash.
Since I know this is what everyone likes to see!
I try and keep all my fabric organized by color and in even little piles..

My Studio :: The Stash
Reds, Pinks, Oranges, Yellows and Greens.
(notice how I love lime green ?)
My Studio :: The Stash
Blues (since I have two boys this color is very predominant!), neutrals, b&w, Christmas fabrics, Kona solids. On the next shelf down (not pictured here, but in my full shelf picture, I have my organic fabric yardage.)
My Studio :: My windowsill
I use my windowsill to hold little baskets of notions I use regularly.
Baskets with buttons, thread and floss.
The picture on the end is of me when I was preggo with #2 (Big Boy), holding Kiki and with my favorite cousin Chloe. (Chickenfoot's daughter)
My Studio :: My sewing table.
I like to clean of my table after I finish each project, so it is completely free of any clutter.
I am working on making some bib + shoe sets, and the pile in the top left is of an Echino quilt I need to get in my shop, as well as two baby blankets. The large Tupperware container under the table is of finished blankets in my shop, and next to that is packaging supplies.
My Studio :: My sewing machine
And all of the doll quilts on my wall. I would have more hanging up, (like my DQS6), but half of my doll quilts are hanging in my kiddos room.
Yeah!I hope you enjoyed my little tour?
Care to share you space where you create, because I would love to see it!
Also, if you would like I have more detailed notes on everything in my studio over in my flickr set. Happy Wednesday!


Beth said...

Thanks for the tour! Your doll quilt wall is fantastic!

Little Green Doll said...

I love how it looks!! it's great when everything is tidy! with all the fabrics organized in colours! It seems to be a nice place to work in.

Sarah said...

nice and neat and bright! Thanks for the topic- NaBloPoMo is already getting to me. I'm so thankful I want for you to win...hope you get a chance to enter my giveaway!

Nancey said...

Very inspiring studio! Would you ever want to swap some of your Michael Miller guitars for some blue or brown Katie Jump Rope bandana? I have 1/2 yard of each. Haha! Your studio makes me want to sew more. Happy Holidays!

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