Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calendar

With barely more than 2 weeks until Christmas,
I finally have my advent calendar finished!
Inspired by the calendar in Merry&Bright, but I wanted something a bit more modern and not quite as huge (even though this one is quite large at 20"x45"!)
Each little date hangs from a button below, until you add it on the buttons on the tree.

I realized just how much I love a white on white stippling.
I have some little present buttons I wanted to add to the bottom along the tree, but my poor fingers can not jab through the quilted layers+ the wool appliques anymore..
Here it is hanging up next to our Christmas tree (hence the eerie red glow!)


luckypennymake said...

Beautiful! And you'll have it all December for years to come! I love the quilting.

The Drew Family said...

Loooove this!

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