Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Spy fabric swap

I got my 200 I spy fabric charms all ready to be mailed out for the 'I spy fabric swap 3.0' hosted over on FabricKate. I am not sending more than 10 of any of the prints, I hope that still gives some diversity to each swap package..
I just saw that there is 14 spots left if anyone wants to sign up!
Or if anyone would like to do a personal swap, I still have more of each print!
One of my projects this year is to get an i spy quilt made for each of my boys, and this swap will be a great way to get some different prints!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

My friend and I participated in Katie's last swap too. We are also trying to put together multiple quilts this year for our 6 kids (between us) :). We did Care's last swap, and then Katie's, and we were looking for another swap. Do you know of any? Do you think you might head one up? We thought about heading one up, but we are new bloggers and don't have enough followers. THe spots would never get full. Please let me know if you do one because if so, you will instantly have the 2 of us participating. Looking forward to swaping with you through Katie. P.S., I've checked to be emailed follow up comments so you can just respond here and I'll get it.

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