Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My New Gussy Tote

My lovely new Gussy tote bag arrived this weekend, and has me so excited and longing for spring!
I feel like the {cool kid} arriving on the playground, finally having my own awesome Gussy bag!
What I love most about the bag? Is is softly padded (especially on the handles), is roomy without being huge and bulky and has the perfect sized pocket on the inside. Oh, and of course the colors are perfect for spring! And yes, I was excited dorky enough to wear a coordinating tee+cardigan out yesterday with my new bag!
You can check out the lovely Gussy Sews shop here, for your own lovely ruffled accessories!

1 comment:

LFinn said...

Oh my goodness, Beth, that is a stunning purse! I am heading right over there to check it out.

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