Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very (P)interesting

I have become completely addicted to Pinterest.

I am hooked on pinning, creating an inspirational boards, following others boards (and trying not to repin their whole board!) and pinning the evening away.. I love that I can use it as a tool to collect images and save ideas, but also a place to go to find inspiration! I find its a great way to collect ideas  not feel so OCD..
I have found new blogs, great people to follow, amazing recipe sites and some very tempting shops all by following a link on an image, or from links that people posted.
If you have already signed up for Pinterest, you can follow my boards here, and let me know yours so I can follow your boards! If you need an invite, I can send you one also!


Melinda said...

I just checked out and signed up for Pinterest this weekend, and can see it will be great great fun! You definitely are a creative person... who will be inspiring to follow. Can't wait!

Melissa Vines said...

I love pinterest too! So much inspiration on there!

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