Thursday, July 14, 2011

DQS11 Inspiration

Sorry for the delay partner! I didn't think I had enough favorites to compile this mosaic, and then I had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few!

These are just a few of my favorite quilts, or little quilties that I am drawn to lately. I like bright colors, solids, and palettes of just a few colors are very loved. I hope this helps you, but please don't be to stressed about what to make me! I am sure I will love the bitty doll quilt you make me :)

Here are a few notes about why I choose the quilts in my inspiration mosaic:
1: Love a cathedral block, and all the crisp white with color
2: Grey & yellow, a fav color combo of mine as well as love for zig zags!
3: Love the cool color palette used in these blocks, and I think the wonky log cabins would be great bitty!
4: The quilting is amazing, as well as all the saturated colors against the white.

5: More grey and yellow love, also the polka dots and pinwheels are great!
6: Love the colorful pinwheels when combined with the grey. The simple quilting is also fantastic.
7: Awesome whirly-gig blocks, love the bright yellow with teal and grey!
8: Simple block in fabulous colors!

9: More zig zag love, and I love orange & teal together!
10: I love cross and plus quilts. I really love all the solids in this quilt against the white.
11: I love all the motion the flying geese and quilting have in this quilt
12: Love the polka dots & solids together

14: Love the wonky crosses and color palette!
15: Oh this block makes my heart pitter patter! I have a new found love for purple and combined with grey it is so sweet! I also love that this block is so simple, yet has an amazing end result.
16: oops! repeated from 7

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