Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SUTK Goodies

I got my amazing package from Collen this weekend for the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap,

3 great art hoops, 2 patchwork tea towels and 2 potholders. I feel so spoiled!
I love how fresh and sunny the potholders are, and they have little loopies on the back!
I am going to have a hard time putting these towels out to get used! I like how they have the big applique fruit on the front!

These hoops are perfect for my kitchen! We have one main (empty) wall that these are going to be perfect on. I love how I can hang some bitty buntings up, without actually having a kitchen bunting (something my hubs would not go for!). The embroidered words and Love flags just make these so perfect!

Thanks to Erin and Darci for hosting such a great swap.. I am already eager for a round 3!

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