Monday, September 19, 2011

Shop Feature :: Sprinvale Soap

Am I the only person that when you find a new product/item you love, you just go a bit crazy and immerse yourself with it? No!? That's just crazy me who buys nearly 100 bars of lovely goats milk soap?
Well sadly, my favorite soap shop - Springvale Handcrafted Goat's Milk Soap,  is going out of business.
With yummy scents like Hot Cocoa, Apple Chai, Sweet Pumpkin Spice and Country Apple I just had to stock up. The shipping box was so heavy I had to scoot it across the room, I couldn't even pick it up! If anyone is interested, Deb has an amazing $1 clearance sale posted on her Facebook page, just email her for what bars are still available.
Now this should hold me over for the winter, but if anyone has a favorite soap shop to share - let me know!

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Lisa H. (Sewing or Something) said...

that link just takes me to fb not to her page on fb

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