Wednesday, October 19, 2011

34 weeks.

And counting.Techincally I took this picture this morning and am 34 weeks, 3 days. Which makes all the difference to me since I can now say '5 more weeks'.
A little bit going on these last 2 weeks:
*I got a terrible cold last week, which left me pretty darn miserable Head colds stink!
*I haven't gained any weight from my last check in 2 weeks ago - which is just fine because baby is doing great.
*My last pair of maternity jeans (wearing in the pic) reaaally don't fit anymore. As in, 4" in gap between button hole to button. Since I have already bought 3 sizes, I am not buying the next size up so its either yoga pants or uncomfortably tight jeans here on out.
*Baby's head dropped this week, and his (not so small) bum is always kicking my ribs. During my exam today, my Doctor called it that she would be delivering this baby in only a few more (she guessed 3!) weeks. I will have a better idea at my next checkup in two weeks.


Jenifer said...

You look fantastic! I wish I was that cute pregnant.

racrobin said...

The fact that your ass still looks so great makes me optimistic about being pregnant myself some day....

Little Green Doll said...

You look great!! How are you feeling now? Take care!

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