Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

We finally made a (quick) trip to a local pumpkin farm, and picked out a few small pumpkins to take home.
Sitting amongst the big pumpkins you can pick out
'Riding' on the train
Sitting by the huge inflatable pumpkin - this pumpkin makes it hard to miss where the farm is at!
The kiddos walked around the little petting zoo area, we brought home carmel apples, several small pumpkins and decorated them with silly pumpkin sticker kits. I would love to take the kiddos back to walk around longer and get big (carvable) pumpkins, but this is the farm that I rode on a tractor hay ride and went into labor with Big boy the following morning.. so I feel this may be our only pumpkin farm visit this year!

1 comment:

racrobin said...

Wow, Adriano's gotten so tall! Almost as big as Cristian! And so cute too.... :)

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