Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friday Goodies

Why yes, I do know that today is Tuesday and not Friday! My mailbox has been stuffed these last few days with packages coming in from some good Black Friday deals.
I have been in love with this new collection from Khristian Howell called 'The Woodlands', so I was quick to scoop up a bundle when I saw Sew Love Fabrics had a sale going!
A big organic fabric pile! All these prints came from Sew Modern Online, they have an amazing selection of organics, with lots of harder to find prints.
My second bundle from Sew Modern Fabrics! They posted a sale after I had already received my first purchase, and I have been eager to get some Echo and try out some of the Robert Kaufman Pure Organic solids for quilts.
Pretty new twines from The Twinery. They have such lovely colors to choose from, I love using these when I am packaging up my orders! Anyone else get some new goodies with a black Friday sale?

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