Friday, August 29, 2008

34 weeks and felties

I had my 34 week routine appointment today. Today was my first time seeing this O.B., and I really liked her because she has a very upbeat, cheery personality. I did have a total moment of preggo brain, and showed up for my appointment yesterday. I felt pretty stupid trying to check in! The doctor told me that once you get to 34 weeks, they will not do anything aggressive to stop labor. She also felt the baby's position, and said it feels head down, and the baby's butt feels boney and that is why I have been having a hard time checking the position. During the exam she said she could feel the baby's head sphincters and that I am still only 1 cm diated. Hopefully doing inversions twice daily helped to turn this baby! I see her in two weeks and we will get a definite position of the baby, and if it is breech again that is when we will start making plans as to what to do next. All in all, I think it was a good appointment!

I also have been working on a few felties, it took about 4 popsicles before I finally was happy with how they were turning out. I was kind of ashamed of myself, I didn't think to make the chocolate ones until I was at the craft store and saw cocoa brown felt! The lighter color is suppose to be a cream in the popsicle. I also made these lemon slices, although I think they look more like oranges...I don't think they are great, and would rather make some 3-d wedges, so I didn't make anymore. I did finally let Kiki play with everything yesterday, and it all held up extremely well considering what he put it through. Waiting in line at the bank I overheard the people behind me wondering why his popsicle wasn't melting! Knowing that the food withstood the wrath of my toddler gives me confidence to be able to let other children play with them now!


susan said...

hehe thats great that they didnt even know it was fake!! they look so cute! and those lemons look real. great job. i am happy you like your new ob gyn, its important, no? tell that baby to stay head down!!!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I want to be first in line when you decide you are ready to start selling the food!! So cute!

Rae said...

I love your felt food! Good luck with baby coming and getting in the right position.

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