Friday, September 12, 2008

36 weeks and a long to-do list

I had my routine 36 weeks doctor's appointment today. The doctor said the baby has stayed head down, so we should have no worries about the baby being breech for delivery. I have gained 2 more pounds, and am steadily gaining a pound a week, which is normal. The nurse today was very nice, going on about how I look like I am all belly and not to worry about my weight and how I should be one of those pregnant models...ok, she was pushing the truth there, but it was still very sweet. I am further dialated now, with my cervix being soft and am 50% effaced. The doctor said she doesnt think I will make it to my due date, and that I will be having this baby early. So I guess my 4 weeks more time frame is out the window...

I do have way to many things to get done before the baby comes, and am hoping by making a list it will help me get focused:
  • wash all the baby's clothes, car seat cover, swing cover, and bed linens ( 1 load in the washer right now!)
  • Set up the baby's crib (this weekend hopefully)
  • buy missing harware pieces for the crib (going to try to do this tomarrow morning)
  • buy a crib mattress
  • Tag and price items for rummage sale I am participating in on the 27th (started a little bit)
  • Install infant car seat base (have an app. for monday morning with a technician)
  • Get a dresser for the baby or figure out some way to store the baby's clothes and blankets
  • Plan my son's birthday party that should be happening at the end of the month


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Yeah, less than a month!! Good luck with the final stretch:)

susan said...

oh gosh beth that is a lot to do, when you arent supposed to be doing a lot!!
hopefully carlos helps out with that list!! (like putting the crib together, hehe)

Jane said...

Good Luck with all that, don't put it off too long. you never know what tommorrow will bring (my Tessa was 6 1/2 weeks early). My girls birthdays are 8 days apart.

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