Sunday, September 14, 2008

Etsy is Open!

Well my etsy shop is now open! You can check it out here or I have added a link on the left side bar. I have 3 aprons in there now for sale, go check them out and let me know what you think! I didnt get any sewing done this weekend, with trying to get baby stuff ready but will hopefully be putting some felt food sets up during this week.

I also added a follower's gadget to the side bar if anybody cares to express enough love of my blog to stalk me,er, follow me.

I have gotten about half of that do list done though. The baby's clothes are washed and folded ( took me at least an hour to fold those tiny shirts!) and I have them on the shelves on our changing table in the meantime. I have the crib out, hopefully that will get set up today. We still need to buy a mattress for it though. Almost everything is tagged for the rummage sale, and I think I am just going to start buying invites and other birthday party stuff tomarrow with or without Mr. Perea's approval. He can just bite me, last time he was suggesting holding off on a party, because you know, he thinks it is just not that important!


susan said...

hehe oooo bite him,huh??
good for you getting things done on your list. i got absolutely nothing done on the weekend! yippee

racrobin said...

Haha who is the little child you're using as a model for your Etsy page??

Beth said...

It is a friend of mine's daughter. she is in a playgroup with me, and I needed a girl to model the aprons. I couldnt put my son in a pink apron now could I?!

susan said...

sure you could!!! hehe

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