Friday, September 19, 2008

37 weeks and donuts!

Well in one more week I will be considered full term! I had a few hours of contractions Monday night, accompanied by a lot of pelvic and lower back pain. I saw the doctor Tuesday morning for a routine appointment and have gained 1 pound since I had seen her 4 days before. Everything else stayed the same, except the baby dropped down to a -2 station. I have visits twice a week now, I think she is having my appointments scheduled that way because she doesn't believe I will make it much further.

I finished some felt donuts finally, and have them added to my Etsy shop. Go check them out! We have also been having nice weather here lately, where it is a bit chilly in the morning but gets very warm by mid afternoon. It was a perfect day to go down to this little secluded area of the lake my friend showed me. No one is ever down there, and there are tons of rocks for collecting, or throwing in the lake as my son does. It makes me sad to think these days are coming to an end, both the weather and carefree, spontaneous playtime with just my son.


Jane said...

love love love the donuts

susan said...

pretty soon you will have your baby girl! hehe
i know i miss it when summer is coming to an end, but i love fall so much!!
your donuts look good enough to eat!

Beth said...

Thanks for the donut love guys! I do feel sad summer is ending, but it nice to have the weather changing, and to think of the changes coming in my life very, very soon...

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