Monday, September 22, 2008

Some projects...

So, I finally broke down and bought a pair of fabric scissors. Real fabric scissors, I was using some kindergarten round tip, 5 inch plastic handled scissors that were left behind in my last apartment. Sad, I know. I was working on these burb cloths and nursing pads for myself, when they pretty much broke. I am horrible at doing things for myself, even as I was making these mama/baby items I was contemplating giving them to another pregnant friend of mine! I am going to keep them, since I find the material for both pretty ugly. I made 6 burp clothes and 12 pairs of nursing pads- thats right 24 pads total! I have had the material laying around for over two years now, and just am tired of seeing it. I won't feel bad when the baby spits up all over it then... I used some well worn receiving blankets for inner liners, as well as some receiving blankets from the hospital I was going to return with this baby but know I will be to embarrassed to put them back in the hamper there.

I also finished up a Breakfast food set for my Etsy shop. I originally was going to just add a few pieces of food to some that I had already created to complete a set, but instead made all new pieces becasue I don't think my first items are durable or good enough quality to put in my shop. So, they got added to my toddlers play food instead. I had a huge wave of inspiration this morning for some very unique food items, hopefully pictures will be posted this week!


susan said...

carlos doesnt know what he is talking about, those look like bacon, not highways!! love the orange slices. i cant wait to see what you are "cooking" up, hehe

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute! Hey, I never thought of making my own nursing pads... they would've been very useful!

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